Solar Screens exterior shading will reduce your cooling costs.

The most effective way to control Houston’s home cooling costs with all the sun’s heat and glare, is to stop it before it enters your window. Once the sun’s rays enter they are absorbed and begin to radiate throughout the room in the form of heat. Much like a big shade tree, exterior shading and solar screens will reduce your cooling costs, reduce the load on your air conditioning, and will eliminate glare and fading.
We specialize in the installation of new and custom screen enclosures as well as re-screening and repairs of existing pool enclosure screens, porch screens and patio screens.

All work done outside

You’re never too busy to get solar screens.  All the work is done outside by our technicians and you don’t even have to be home for our installation.

Cut utility bills

In Houston, less heat getting inside means that your home AC can work less to maintain your comfortable temperature which equals more money in your pocket.